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Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer is a very common condition in men.  Aside from skin cancer, it is the most common cancer in men in the United States. Prostate cancer is diagnosed by prostate biopsy generally after an abnormality on PSA or on the digital rectal examination.

There are a number of treatment options available for patients with prostate cancer including Active Surveillance, Surgery, Radiation TherapyCryotherapy (freezing of the prostate), Hormonal Therapy, or Chemotherapy. The treatment that is best for you will depend on your overall medical condition, the Gleason Grade of the cancer and the Stage of the prostate cancer at the time of presentation. 

If your biopsy shows prostate cancer, our office will call you when we get the results and we will arrange for you to come into the office for a consult appointment at which time we will review your Gleason Score, your particular Cancer Stage, and the treatment options that would be most appropriate for You.

For additional reading, Please review the following List of Permamarks.  I have found these additional video resources from Australian Prostate Cancer Research to be a very useful resource for prostate cancer patients as well.

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