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Dr. Stork Happy Hive Honey

Bee kind: The story behind Dr. Stork’s Happy Hive Chocolates

In addition to being a urologist, my son and I enjoy keeping bees in our backyard. Our bees make a delightful honey ~ with an amazing flavor ~ that we enjoy sharing with family and friends.

As we started giving away more and more jars of honey, however, we started to become concerned that all this activity might be stressful to the bees.  We wondered… how could more people enjoy this honey in a more sustainable and delectable size?

A Sweet Solution

During one of our many trips to  Patricia’s Chocolates in Grand Haven Michigan, my daughter and I shared this dilemma with Patty and her assistant Kylie. They suggested creating a very special chocolate, one filled with honey from our bees! We thought this was a great solution, and Dr. Stork’s Happy Hive Honey Chocolates was born.

Now, our honey can be enjoyed as a lush ganache topped with edible gold leaf, and everyone is happy! In this size, more and more people can savor our amazing honey, and the bees behind our house are also happy and less stressed.

Happy Hive, Happy Life

1ead1a7d-e0b7-42ea-ad6e-f9176133c174But this story is even sweeter! Since all of us are supporters of community, a portion of the proceeds from Happy Hive Chocolates are donated to  Step Up in Muskegon, MI.

Step Up is non-profit organization that supports young women during a stressful time of their own ~ as they”age out” of foster care and transition into adulthood.  Step Up provides these young women with a nurturing hive of their own, the Step Up House.

Bee Blessed!

Patty's teamHow to Order:

If you would like to order some Dr. Stork’s Happy Hive Honey Chocolates of your own, just give Patty a call at the store (616) 842-5999 or send her an e-mail at patricia@patriciaschocolate.com.

I hope these wonderful chocolates fill you with sweetness and happiness, and I wish you the very best of health.

Bee Blessed!

– Brian

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