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Medicine X 2015: Dr. Brian Stork and Dr. David C. Miller on MUSIC

Dr. Brian Stork and Dr. David Miller share their experience and success with the MUSIC program – the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative – at the Stanford 2015 MedX Conference.

In this video, Dr. Miller explains some of keys to MUSIC’s success, including getting on the ‘Blue Highways’ to meet with urology practices and colleagues face-to-face around the state, “We listened and learned about the unique challenges they face in improving care for patients living in their own communities. Through these interactions, we strengthened relationships and built trust. We developed a team of urologists committed to improving prostate cancer care across the state.” Dr. Miller also stresses the importance of involving patient advocates.

Dr. Stork shares some specific examples of how participating in MUSIC has helped his practice. He says, “By participating in MUSIC, our group has become much more comfortable with active surveillance, or careful monitoring, of patients newly diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer.” This benefits patients in possibly avoiding surgery or the need for radiation therapy.

You can read more about Dr. Stork’s experience with MUSIC:  “Collaboration is Sweet, MUSIC in West Michigan”  and “MUSIC – A Collaborative Swarming to Improve Urology Care”.

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