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Personalize Your Health Information with Medivizor

Learning About Medivizor at #MedX

Last September, Dr. Joe Saliz and I attended the Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) Conference in Palo Alto, California.  This conference is unique in that it brings patients, providers, researcher and entrepreneurs, together to discuss ideas with the potential to make healthcare better for everyone.  It was at Stanford that Joe and I met Tal Givoly, CEO of  Medivizor, and first heard his story.

Searching for Meaning

In 2013, on the day of her 15th birthday, Tal’s daughter suddenly developed swollen ankles.  On the advice her doctor, Tal took her to the emergency room.  Her symptoms progressed and by later that evening, she had started to develop congestive heart failure.  Two days later, Tal was told that, in order to survive, his daughter would need a heart transplant.

Like any concerned parent, Tal turned to the internet for information. Tal started by using standard search engines such as Google and websites such as WebMD.  He found the information from many of these sites to be poorly organized, repetitive, and many times, out of date.

Over time, Tal found that he was becoming a “chronic web researcher.” At the same time, he found it almost impossible to know what information and recommendations were accurate and reliable to help with the care of a loved one.

Empower Yourself with Medivizor

Tal’s experience with his daughter affirmed his determination to make Medivizor, a company he co-founded in 2012, a reality.

Patients and family members who subscribe to Medivizor get personalized, medical information delivered to their e-mail inbox on an ongoing basis.  The information is up-to-date and, more often than not, cutting edge. In addition, Medivizor provides patients with information about ongoing clinical trials.

Medivizor really strives to make healthcare information understandable.

We interpret statistics, so you don’t have to figure them out. The information is interpreted in 10th grade English, and we try to contrast it with other science. If there is any bias we see in a study, we’ll also mention that. And that ‘s what we have tried to build.” – Tal Givoly, Mediviizor

Best of all, Medivizor is FREE and it is HIPAA compliant – that means it is private. In order for the information to be personalized, however, you will need to answer a few basic questions about yourself and your diagnosis when you sign up. Then the software kicks in and you begin receiving medical information specific to your diagnosis.

Making Healthcare Better for Everyone

bottomLogoimg (1)One feature of Medivizor that Tal is particularly proud of is its interactivity. Tal wants to know if you like the information you receive, and welcomes your feedback.

“We need you and others to help us make this an even better resource for patients and their families.”

Dr. Salisz and I are excited to be able to share Medivzor with you. It is a service that complements the already helpful materials available through our connection with the Urology Care Foundation.  By adding Medivizor, we are trying to provide you with all that you need to become an empowered healthcare consumer.  To sign up for Medivizor, simply click here.

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